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The Eleanor Code


The Eleanor Code series recreates the rich historical world of Eleanor of Aquitaine (Alienor d'Aquitaine 1124-1204). She would twice become a queen – to Louis as Queen of France, and to Henry as Queen of England.  Medieval intrigue, mystery, romance, and a tale of power is an epic series bound to delight readers everywhere.

Eleanor of Aquitaine : THE YOUNG  LIFE
age 6-13

(310 pages)

Eleanor of Aquitaine : THE JOURNEY EAST
age 14-24

(530 pages)

The books of the Eleanor Code

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Eleanor of Aquitaine : THE VOYAGE WEST

age 24-26

(460 pages)

Eleanor of Aquitaine :


age 27-43

(500 pages)

Few have heard of Eleanor of Aquitaine, but some know she was the queen of two nations, fought in a crusade, helped invent the arts of romance, and is among the greatest women, and most influential queens who ever lived. Everything we practice as romantic behavior, she and her court established in the 12th century, changing human social behavior forever. Her epic vision of why love must come into being occurred after the apocalyptic singularity of the 2nd Crusade, and how its dimensions of friendship, allure, eros, and family form a better world is a major theme of this dramatic series.

The invention of love in her court is the particular focus of the fifth of six historical novels of Eleanor’s energetic life. “Love + Rebellion,” recreates the world of her court coming into being. Eleanor skillfully abides a zealous church and a royal husband who thinks nothing of committing adultery with his own son’s teenage girlfriends. Yet she will create a legendary court of true love that guides her, her children, and all who attend. The series gives any actress or reader the answer to what made such a woman come to be, and how someone actually changes the world.

Eleanor of Aquitaine :

age 44-49

(530 pages)

Eleanor of Aquitaine : THE Legacy

age 50-80

(558 pages)